The retractable needle syringe

Retrago is the first automatic retractable needle syringe designed to be effective, addressing all safety issues, which put the life of millions of people at risk. The extremely simple mechanism and the reduced number of components, mostly similar to standard components, limit the production costs and to make it cost-effective, when compared to other syringes.

Why Retrago

A 2014 study sponsored by WHO estimated that in 2010, up to 1,7 million people were infected with Hepatitis B virus, up to 315.000 with Hepatitis C, and up to 38.000 with HIV, due to unsafe injections. Occupational infections among healthcare workers result in significant financial costs for National Health Services and Insurance companies, which can add up to $1 million for tests, follow-up, disability payments, legal expenses and lost time.

How it works

Retrago is also pre-filled

Retrago is the first pre-filled safety syringe with retractable needle available on the market. It can be used for pre-filled drugs and vaccines, ensuring safety for patients and healthcare workers.

Retrago fully complies with current legislation and with WHO guidelines on injections safety

Retrago is the only RUP and SIP syringe that satisfies the demand at affordable prices.

Avoiding needle-stick injuries is necessary, with Retrago it is possible.